Acquasport, it does not stop at the realization of the work, but in its decades of experience, always having an attention to the customers, realizing the lack of the services provided, years ago it decided to build a company in the group that would be interested and “alive” of technical assistance and guarantees, with an internal logistic organization that would allow to answer with immediacy to the customer’s needs.

Aquaclinic was born from the intuition of two historical companies, one specialized in the design and construction of swimming pools, the other expert in the chemical treatment of water and environmental sanitation, both with thirty years of experience.
Thanks to the combination of these great experiences, Aquaclinic has developed and grown to become a leading company in the supply of products and services for pool water management.
A highly specialized staff, suitably motivated and experienced, is constantly committed to following the innumerable needs that are created in the complicated management of swimming facilities. Aquaclinic takes care of every detail with professionalism. It manages small swimming pool facilities such as private, medium sized as accommodation facilities and large facilities such as public swimming pools and water parks.
The know-how acquired and consolidated in the field is supported by a continuous research and development of all chemical products and by a constant training update.
The extensive sales network of agents and technical teams, always available for 365 days a year, guarantee a constant presence on the territory.
Aquaclinic, an important certainty and reference for anyone who owns a swimming facility.

The Aquaclinic service is available 365 days a year. A freephone number guarantees the maximum speed of intervention. We specialise in tank openings and closures, installation and repair of water circulation systems, water chemistry control and tank restoration.
Our philosophy is based on information and sharing of working methods and systems with our customers. More training for professionals, less water management problems and more economical results.
NO STANDARD is Aquaclinic’s password. Each contract of employment
service is adjusted together with the customer and according to his or her specific needs.
On request we also offer our customers the service with CERTO COST formula. Maintenance is planned and assistance is organized in advance. The customer will no longer be surprised and the system will always be tidy and well functioning.

For a swimming pool always in shape.
The swimming pool, both because it is a humid environment and because its visitors release skin, saliva, sweat, mucus, etc. into water, is an ideal environment for the proliferation of microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, worms, protozoa or algae. This can lead to problems with infections of the skin, eyes, intestine and ears.
It is therefore essential that the water is effectively disinfected with suitable products in order to maintain its consistent hygienic and crystalline quality. There are a number of different water treatment products on the market: ozone, chlorine, oxygen, bromine and others.
The use of chlorine is the most traditional, most effective and proven method over time. Chlorine, the only product with an oxidising and disinfectant action, in addition to destroying microorganisms, allows the elimination of all impurities.
No less important than the product used is the care of the filtration system. This must be kept constantly efficient in all its functions. Among its services, Aquaclinic also offers the management and maintenance of all mechanical systems.
The chemical parameters of the water must be constantly and continuously monitored, as must the dosage of the products used. This requires the use of advanced electronic technology.
Aquaclinic has designed and developed DOSACLINIC: a patented control and dosing system that allows efficient and safe management.